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I have been a gamer for twenty years, and don’t show any sign of giving up. That experience has spanned almost every version of D&D in addition to Shadowrun, Rifts, Mechwarrior, FATE, Dread, Paranoia, Gamma World, Swords and Wizardry, and an array of homebrew systems. These games have been played in houses, buses, cars, geography classes, football fields, rustic cabins, and even in tents several days walk from civilization.

When not gaming, I enjoy reading, writing, and arithmetic. Maybe not quite as much on the arithmetic. I also enjoy video games, archery, guitar, and am an avid home brewer.

Having gained software experience writing programs to handle the numbers for unwieldy initiative systems (Rifts and Shadowrun 2e, I’m looking at you), I decided to look under that rock for money. I am gainfully employed as a software engineer in the aerospace industry.

Bryan (BryanMD)

My gaming pedigree isn’t as rich as some of my friends (I was playing baseball at age 11, not DMing my first game on a school bus), but I’ve tried to play catch-up since I first rolled a character sheet. (It was an anthropomorphic turkey with a Mets cap and a shotgun, courtesy of the “TMNT” RPG. Thanks 1990′s pop culture!) Since then, I’ve had the dice monkey on my back: 2nd Edition D&D , then 3E and 3.5, then 4E, an ill-advised foray into the World of Darkness (Werewolf: The Apocalypse in particular), and all manner of Warhammer armies in the tabletop department.

What changed things several years back, however, was a (now annual) foray into pure nerd-dom we call the Cabin Trip. I was honored to be invited into a fraternity of friends who take gaming almost as seriously as drinking and good food- and I was home. Since then, those bonds have survived the miles, years, and TPKs (dammit Justin!) and flourished into incredible stories, games, and this website you’re reading now.

When not knee-deep in gaming, I play some guitar, draw a bit, and paint some pretty darn decent miniatures. I’ve also spent some time designing and building theater sets, and remodeling my house.


Matt grew up in San Diego, learning fashion tips from his mother and three sisters. After some time living in Atlanta doing odd jobs such as a used-car salesman, he moved to New York by the early ’90s. He had begun performing in local Manhattan clubs and became a popular attraction through his various flamboyant acts on stage. After battling drug addiction and living in poverty Matt was given a record contract, which produced the single “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, a tribute to the divas of the fashion world that placed Matt in the top 30 on the Pop Charts.

Matt also enjoys role-playing, sometimes in a game format.

Charlie White (cwhite)

I’ve been gaming since the red box version of Basic D&D in 1986. My friends and I played the included adventure time and again, all the while speaking of “the advanced game” which (in our minds) was used in league play and let you keep track of the weight of everything you carried.

I transitioned to AD&D 2E in 1990, then, with the exception of one Heroes game in college, stopped pencil-and-paper gaming altogether from about 1996 to 2004, when I picked up D&D 3.5. In 2008, I started playing D&D 4E, and have also recently been playing Gamma World 4E, FATE, Paranoia, and Shadowrun.

When I’m not gaming, I spend my time being a husband and father, as well as an amateur author (I hope to strike that adjective, and soon!) I try to be an avid reader, but my editor-wife puts me to shame in that category. After the kid is in bed, my wife and I voraciously consume whole television seasons at a time. When I realize with frustration that I have to pay for what I enjoy in life, I work in IT and operations in the not-for-profit sector.

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