Links of the week for 9/17/2013

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Kingston Town Crier

Kingston Town Crier by Marcus Jeffrey via Flickr

Welcome back again to our (mostly) regular RPG links post. We’ve got lots of great stuff this week, from new games, to new ideas for old games. As usual, if you’re a Flipboard user, you can keep up with our reading in our Intwischa’s Favorites magazine.


The Fate Core train rolled onward this week. The very promising-looking Fate System Toolkit went to print, which I hope to get my hands on soon. If you prefer electronic media, the Fate Core and Fate Accelerated SRD also went online. In related news, the latest collection offered at Bundle of Holding is the “Bundle of Fate”, with, as you might have guessed, a selection of games based on the Fate system. Hurry, though, you only have two days left!

MHRP Madness

Marvel Heroic Roleplay may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean its players stop playing. Dave at Critical Hits posted an event Modok’s 11, based on the comic series. Meanwhile, the Angry DM posted his method of porting MHRP’s simple but powerful initiative system to Pathfinder.


The posts continue to appear as Numenera spreads. The Alexandrian debuted his awesome looking draft Numenera cheatsheet. Trollsmyth discusses his first game in the system.


We also had lots of great general gaming ideas this week. Martin Ralya suggests fleshing out NPCs with story cubes, which sounds so cool, I’ve put some on my Amazon wishlist. RPGBooster points us to i09′s 8 mysterious cities, a list that’s nothing if not game fodder. Meanwhile, Shortymonster describes how you can make a very effective honest villain.

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