Links for the Week Ending 8/27/2013

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Newsboy in 1905

Newsboy in 1905 via Wikipedia

Welcome back to our quasi-weekly rundown of our favorite links from the past week. In addition to my usual favorites, GM advice, we also have a good portion of new games, which may have something to do with a certain gaming convention.

To start out though, we have something completely different, a book review. I don’t mean a RPG system or setting book either, I mean regular old non-fiction. In my defense, however, it’s about role playing. Cory Doctorow’s review of Of Dice and Men both makes me want to read this history of D&D, and makes me a bit nostalgic for my role playing roots.


Continuing his very useful series on game pacing, this week the Alexandrian posted parts five and six. Now, we start to get into advanced ideas like flashbacks, in media res, and splitting the party. Great stuff!

Next comes a pair from Gnome Stew. Five Minutes Into the Future gives suggestions on how to deal with modern games without throwing off the players when you inevitably diverge from current events. Similarly, Reality Check discusses how, even in games where magic and the like are accepted, little inconsistencies can break our sense of verisimilitude, and gives suggestions on how to handle it.

New Games

In the new games category, we have Castle Death, which describes a neat little system for gaming with kids. Also over at Critical Hits, the Chatty DM gives his First Play Impressions of Firefly RPG, and, given my love for both Firefly and the Cortex Plus system, this almost made me wish I’d gone to Gencon. Meanwhile, Shortymonster posted the first in his series of reviews of Victoriana, 3rd Edition, thus pointing me to yet another game I need to try.


Incidentally, if you’re a Flipboard addict like me, and you’d like to get a preview of our weekly reading list, check out our magazine, Intwischa’s Favorites. Don’t worry, we’ll still summarize them here.

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