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As gamers, it seems that the only other constant in our hobby, aside from actually playing games, is trying to improve upon them. I’m certainly as guilty of this as anybody. This past week produced good ideas for several flavors of D&D and/or Pathfinder.

Houserules for 4E

Some time ago, I wrote a bit on how Fourth Edition could be improved. Most of my ideas were relatively large scale, making fundamental changes to the system. Of course, that made them of limited use to someone actually running the game.

Rather more useful are the sorts of small tweaks that can be easily implemented at the gaming table. That’s exactly what Ameron over at Dungeon’s Master has written about in his 9 Ways to Improve 4E D&D. From what I can see, most of the changes seem to revolve around speeding up combat, and making the system more flexible. In my experience, those are laudable goals for that system.


In another system tweak suggestion, Keith Davies at In My Campaign hits upon something of a sore spot for me. Being a software guy, I take seriously the ways that we store and represent information. So, it’s always bugged me that spells like the Cure [adjective] Wounds series in D&D 3.x and Pathfinder were all spread out, dividing the relevant rules, and taking up more space.

In his D&D Meta-Spells Keith suggest a better way. Using his method, the information is spelled out (pun intended) once. The spell merely has slightly different affects, depending on the level of the slot at which it’s memorized. Well done, sir, for finding an elegant solution to this annoying problem.