The End of the World, and Other Literary Devices

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Here I go again, on my own…

I realized something on a recent drive home, which is when most realizations happen after all: This new campaign setting I’ve created, that we’re currently gaming in, is really just a post-apocalyptic setting in period costume.  If you remember my post from a few weeks ago (linked below), it should come as no surprise that my love of dystopian themes has wormed its way into another RPG experience.

Now there’s nothing startling or upsetting about this realization, but it certainly changed my mindset as to how I would approach running the game and telling the story.  This new slant warranted some new reading, and as we gamers frequently do, I turned to the internet.  My hope was that I could dig up some other blogger’s thoughts on how they’ve successfully achieved a dystopian theme in their fantasy games.

What I found was equally as interesting, and gave me even more food for thought.  Ameron at Dungeon’s Master posted some thoughts about the current post-apocalypse trend, and suggested seven works of fiction that capture the feel of a society in ruin.  What was really exciting was that all seven were books I hadn’t discussed in my post, so they reinvigorated my research; especially since I own four of them.

How I ever forgot about Cormac McCarthy’sThe Road while trying to capture dystopian despair and isolation is totally beyond me…  Thanks for the reminder, Ameron!

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