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Toronto Star paperboy WhitbyIt’s Tuesday again, and, here at Intwischa, that means links! This week we’ve got cards, hex tiles, and hooks. We’ve got birthdays, cheatsheets, and homebrew. Read on to find out what the Internet brought us this week!

Franchise Gaming

Breaking my usual trend, I’m going to lead off with my dubiously gaming-related posts of the week.  In these links, both from that clearing house of geek culture: io9, we find out some relatively new franchise games.  These include card, board, and role playing games for Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Settlers of Catan.  The old classic CCG Netrunner even makes an appearance.

Captain Hook(s)

For those who haven’t heard the term, a “hook” (at least in RPGs) is the information or situation that catches you, and brings you into the plot.  Sometimes, a good hook can make a game.  This week we had a pair of apropos posts.  From Ameron at Dungeon’s Master we get several birthday-related hooks.  From Steve Winter at Howling Tower, we find several tips on how to convey hooks to the players.


In my experience, RPGs are generally designed for one-on-one challenges.  The rules for bashing down doors are explained in great detail. What happens when somebody wants to help with a particularly stubborn door, however, is often given only cursory coverage.  When they do exist, they’re often: boring, overpowered, or underpowered.

This week, John Bell from Retired Adventurer posted some ideas for improving teamwork rules in his favorite game.  While I’ve never played Openquest, it was interesting to read through his justifications, and thought process.

For Later Reference

When the superabundance of player options in D&D Fourth Edition left me spending half my time looking through available powers, my first reaction was to find ways to organize the information.  From GM screens to cheat sheets, this has long been a common solution for gamers.  This week Scott Martin at Gnome Stew had some tips on the creation of these vital tools.

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