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Coronation of Charles VIIShortly after publishing last week’s intangible inventory of non-material benefits for your role playing needs, I literally said out loud “This would make a pretty cool generator.”  Upon realizing that no one else was actually in my office to witness this epiphany, I decided to take my own advice instead.  Today’s post is the finished product!

As mentioned in my original discussion of these abstract assets, achieving them and profiting from the benefits they offer usually fit best in a long-term campaign.  This format seems to best allow for the appropriate investment of time and story to grow these assets naturally.  However, they need not be confined to your long-term games; they could have significant impact on a shorter campaign, even serving as plot hooks, side quests, or mission objectives.

Conveniently, in my earlier post I had already distilled the possible rewards down to 6 broad categories: Redemption, Freedom, Status, Knowledge, Devotion, and Security.  So, with our D6 ready to roll, let’s dive right in!

1. ‘Redemption’ Reward (Roll a D10)

  1. Spiritual Absolution for All Characters (per their chosen deity)
  2. Family Forgiveness Earned for One Character (party’s choice)
  3. Rank Restoration for One Character (party’s choice)
  4. Official Pardon for One Character’s (Perceived) Crimes (game master’s choice)
  5. Mend the Reputations of All Characters
  6. End the Exile of One Character (game master’s choice)
  7. Return Order to a Lawless Region (game master’s choice)
  8. Restore Honor to One Character’s Shamed Ancestor (party’s choice)
  9. Regain Social Standing for an Oppressed Group (game master’s choice)
  10. Return a Deposed Leader to Power (game master’s choice)

2. ‘Freedom’ Reward (Roll a D10)

  1. Release of One Character from Incarceration (game master’s choice)
  2. Emancipate One Character Legally Bound to Serve (party’s choice)
  3. Ensure the Escape of One Trapped Character (game master’s choice)
  4. Grant a Society Their Own Homeland (game master’s choice)
  5. Free One Character Held Against Their Will (game master’s choice)
  6. Overthrow the Despotic Rule of a Local Ruler (party’s choice)
  7. Aid the Break Out of All Imprisoned Characters (party’s choice)
  8. Commute the Sentence of One Character to be Executed (game master’s choice)
  9. Provide One Character the Means to Leave Their Homeland (party’s choice)
  10. Transport All Characters to Another Place (game master’s choice)

3. ‘Status’ Reward (Roll a D10)

  1. Award One Character a Noble Rank (game master’s choice)
  2. Grant One Character Controlling Interest of a Powerful Entity (party’s choice)
  3. Recognize All Characters as Legal Citizens of a Region (game master’s choice)
  4. Elect One Character to a Position of Political Authority (party’s choice)
  5. Endorse All Characters as True Heroes (per their society)
  6. Lavish One Character with Unequaled Fame & Glory (game master’s choice)
  7. Elevate One Character to Prophetic/Saintly Status (game master’s choice)
  8. Record the Deeds of All Characters for Posterity (in writing, song, film, etc.)
  9. Appoint One Character as Successor to the Head of State (party’s choice)
  10. Recruit All Characters as Agents/Allies of a Popular Leader

4. ‘Knowledge’ Reward (Roll a D10)

  1. Learn the True Identity of a Hidden Threat or Enemy (game master’s choice)
  2. Learn the Location of a Missing Artifact (party’s choice)
  3. Learn the Languages & Customs of Any Society (party’s choice)
  4. Discover a Long Lost Book of Spellcraft or Arcane Lore
  5. Uncover Historical Evidence of Past Civilization (game master’s choice)
  6. Root Out a Power’s Strongholds, Supply Routes, or Other Secrets (game master’s choice)
  7. Discover a Vital Vaccine, Cure, or Antidote (party’s choice)
  8. Decipher the Meaning of Cryptic Scrolls, Codices, or Tomes (party’s choice)
  9. Discover a (New or Lost) Skill, Trade, or Process to Benefit Society (game master’s choice)
  10. Discover a Previously Unknown Land, Entrance, or Route (game master’s choice)

5. ‘Devotion’ Reward (Roll a D10)

  1. One Character Gains a Loyal Retinue of D4 Attendants (party’s choice)
  2. One Character Sways a Zealous Band of D10 Followers (game master’s choice)
  3. One Character is Proposed Marriage by a Powerful Figure (game master’s choice)
  4. All Characters are Pledged Service by a Crew or Unit (D8 strong, as assigned by party)
  5. All Characters are Protected by Disciplined Guards (D6 strong, as assigned by game master)
  6. One Character Earns the Trust of a Local Guild or Union (game master’s choice)
  7. All Characters are Provided for by Grateful Townsfolk (at level of average citizen)
  8. One Character Recruits D20 Converts to Their Cause (party’s choice)
  9. All Characters are Hidden or Shielded by Popular Support (per region, as assigned by game master)
  10. One Character Gains the Allegiance of a Powerful Figure in Society (party’s choice)

6. ‘Security’ Reward (Roll a D10)

  1. Eliminate an Entity that Threatens an Entire Region (game master’s choice)
  2. Broker Peace Between Two Warring Nations, Lords, or Houses (game master’s choice)
  3. Escort an Important Envoy or Delegation to its Destination (party’s choice)
  4. Deliver a Crucial Document, Package, or Artifact to Safe Storage (party’s choice)
  5. Break a Spell or Curse that Binds One Character (party’s choice)
  6. Assign a Furnished Home Base to All Characters (game master’s choice)
  7. Locate an Impenetrable Prison for an Evil Foe or Object (party’s choice)
  8. Drive a Threatening Army, Gang, or Tribe into the Wilderness (game master’s choice)
  9. Recruit a Standing Army or Defense Force for a Specific Region (game master’s choice)
  10. Discover a Defensible Location to Hold an Unexplored or Contested Territory (party’s choice)