Randomly Generating A Game, Part 1

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Last week, Fictive over at Between are the Doors gave Bryan’s city generator a great plug. Possibly even more cool, he used the generator to create a city, and then extrapolated from there. He generated a skeleton, and his imagination to create the flesh, winding up with a fleshed-out (pun absolutely intended) city. Not only was it cool to see the outcome, but it was also great to see a tangible result from one of our posts!

In this post, I’ve decided to do something similar. I’m going to take the results of several of our generators, and mash them together into a campaign idea. Let’s see how this goes!

The Inspiration


The setting describes the large scale environment within which the game will take place. I got these details from Bryan’s “Campaign World Generator”.

Topography 9. Tundra
Governance 12. Confederacy: The rule of individual powers bound into a common society
Religion 7. Hero Worship
Economy 11. Conquest
Destinations 9. Ancient Ruins
Hallmark 10. Resilience
Events 2. Trade Agreement/Contract


Where the previous section described the wider setting, this one will describe the main urban location. To generate it, I’ll be using Bryan’s “The Explorer’s Sovereign Cityscape Spawner”:

Population Size 6. Metropolis
Local Sentiment 5. Supportive
Defining Feature 19. Trades
Defining Feature 7. Stockyard
Defining Feature 11. Galleries

Game Concept

With some ideas for the setting, I’ll move on to what will happen within it. I’ll be using my own “Game Idea Generator” for guidance on the game itself:

Era 3. Iron Age
Setting 4. Pacific Island 2. Europe
Genre 4. Cop
Style 3. Comedy 1. Adventure
Verb 3. Protect
Noun 6. Map

In this section, I started getting options that I thought conflicted with the setting. For instance, “Pacific Island” seemed to conflict with the “tundra” topography of the Setting, and it just wasn’t sounding like a “Comedy”. My simple solution was just to re-roll those results, and I came up with “Europe” and “Adventure” instead.

Other NPCs

Who’s going to inhabit this plot and setting? To come up with a few concepts for NPCs, I’ll be using my “Jungian Archetype Generator”. Each NPC will be represented by a single archetype, just to speed things up.

The “Ally” and “Enemy” categories below are pretty self explanatory. The Mentor is someone who gives advice, but might now fight alongside the party. The Competitor, while not necessarily an Enemy, is often at odds with the PCs. Finally, their Superior has authority over them.

Ally 10 – Faithful Dog: The dog is unquestioningly loyal to his friends, but possibly loyal to a fault.
Ally 17 – Sage: The sage is the opposite of the Child. He is older, wise, and kind. He could also be a devouring father (such as Cronus), or an old fool lost in his memories.
Mentor 17 – Sage …
Competitor 1 – Anima: Feminine. For a female character, this could mean that you’re particularly feminine. For a male character, it could mean that you have important life experiences involving a woman.
Superior 19 – Trickster: The trickster is clever and adaptable, spurning the rules by which everybody else lives. She might also be deceptive, hidden, and mercurial.
Enemy 18 – Shadow: Shadow is the opposite of what we’d like to think of ourselves. He’s sort of an anti-hero: exotic, mysterious, wild, and chaotic.
Enemy 20 – Wounded Healer: This archetype symbolizes the use of one’s own suffering to help others.


Finally, we have the main opponent of the party. For the big bad, I almost have to use our 100th post, the Antagonist Generator.

High Concept 6 – individual with severe physical disabilities who has become a dominant force in a technical/magical alternate reality
Method 3 – solves all problems with bloody, violent intimidation
Weakness 20 – will not make a move unless the tarot card readings allow
Resource 13 – wields the power of the law
Goal 4 – take a position

The Game

Using various random generators found on this site, I’ve created the skeleton of a game. A few of those details have already begun to spark ideas of how to add flesh to those bones. Unfortunately, I’ve already run out of space in this post. Tune in next time to see the end result!