All You Need is Links: Cool Stuff From the Week of April 17

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Most of Intwischa’s best traffic is sent to us by other gaming blogs, and several bloggers have been kind enough to provide commentary or links to one of our articles (and, by extension, grant us a traffic bump). With that in mind, I’d like to share with you some articles that I bookmarked from the previous week, as well as some reflections I have on the posts.

Evil is as Evil Does

I’ve spent a lot of time reading the posts at ‘Dungeon’s Master’, but haven’t linked to them in a while.  That’s not why I chose this particular post to promote, however.  Quite a bit of typing has been devoted to the issue of ‘alignment’ in RPGs here at Intwischa, and some really good alternatives to the traditional D&D axis have been suggested.  Fortunately, some of those alternatives even validated the actions of my current Pathfinder character.

However, the reason I chose to link to this post is because it extolls a philosophy that I’ve recently found to be true: “The importance of alignment needs to be emphasized by the DM.”  Alignment, or it’s many moral equivalents, doesn’t have to be an overriding factor in your games- unless you want it to be.  Far from relying on the characters to limit their actions and options because their character is “good”, the power to make morality matter lies squarely with the game master.  I think our group does a fair job with exemplifying this dictum, but it was helpful to be reminded that alignment really does matter.

Does Alignment Matter in (4E) D&D?

The Case of Jerusalem Jax

Straightening Out Your Alignment


RPG Recycling

If you’re anything like us at Intwischa, you have a gaming library that spans more editions, systems, and decades than you might care to admit.  Many of the stories, campaigns, and characters that we’ve developed over the years seem to have been put on indefinite hiatus as new editions creep out.  Likewise, that’s a large investment in books and modules that are accumulating dust faster than they’re accumulating resale value.

The link below is a tool that I’ve been using for a while, as a way to recycle those old books, ideas, and games into fresh new campaigns for the (seemingly endless) fresh new version of D&D.  It resurrected our epic desert-themed game from the sands of time, and I hope that I’ll soon be able to bring back our marooned nautical game from the 3E vault.  Here’s hoping it helps you too!

Converting Your 3rd Edition Collections to 4th Edition Campaigns 


Finding Your Way

Not a lot of introduction needed for this web application- the name says it all!  If you want to build any sort of map for your current or future campaigns, you need to check out Dave’s Mapper: RPG Map Generator.  Its modular approach to mapping an adventuring location means almost endless possibilities for you to explore.

Dave’s Mapper: RPG Map Generator

The Value of Maps